A brand identity design for an upcoming play by Nouvel Opéra Fribourg, Switzerland.


October 2020


3 weeks


Mary Bazira, Patrick Pacunana, Jonathan Reade


Visual Design, Art Direction


Figma, Photoshop

Project Description

Through researching and learning about graphic designer such as Emil Ruder, Zuzana Licko and Ellen Lupton, we generated insights to further drive our visual approach. The project explores the use of layering and negative space to selectively show content, in order to encourage investigation into the composition.


Final Slide Deck here


Emil Ruder

Negative spaces can form relationships with each other to shape the form.

Zuzana Licko

Revealing only a portion of a form, creates a different message within the context than if it was presented in its entirety.

Ellen Lupton

The layering of elements creates a frame in which the content is presented and understood.

Art Direction

By crafting the negative space to create an emphasis on what ‘could’ be there, the eye is invited to explore and question their assumptions. This encourages them to use the context around the space to fill in the blanks.

Graphic Assets

Digital Assets