Visual is a content learning platform that publishes visual content for young adult to discover design.


September 2020


1 weeks


Alvin Zheng, Louise Delfin


Visual Design, Interface Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping


Adobe XD, Illustrator

The Brief

Design a tablet app (Android, Fire, iPad, etc) to provide a safe way for high school students (ages 13+) to #DiscoverDesign. This app should encourage students to discover what design is and how they interact with it every day, help them see the impact of good or bad design, and Encourage them to explore jobs/careers in design.


Prototype link here


Visual is a content learning platform that publishes visual content for users to discover design happening around the world, in their city, and at home. The app utilizes an algorithm to curate content that adjusts to their interests the more they use it. Furthermore, ‘Visual’ uses data location to showcase that design is everywhere and closer to you than you think. Users can also personally engage with design through our AI, where the app will inform design elements from uploaded photos, such as fonts, hex colour codes, and other information. Ultimately, ‘Visual’ hopes to make high schools more aware of the design around them.


Explore the lastest design news curated to you


Discovery differnt fields of design


Add photos to create your vision board


Learn about colours and typefaces through your vision


This was my first time doing a design challenge and working remotely on a project with design students from other schools. I was mainly in charge of the interaction design and interface design, making sure that the users can flow through the application easily. With the time limitation, I felt that we rushed through the research and ideation parts, and shifted our focus to the interface design too soon. However, my team and I were proud and happy about the outcome, and we look forward to more collaborations in the future.